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Martin Body Shapes

Shape & Size

The bond you have with your instrument is deeply personal. Differences in body size or scale length helps nurture your sound or improve your comfort helping to facilitate a better connection between the musicians and their instrument. Understand the differences between each body shape and size and discover which one is right for you.

The Dreadnought

Named after THE LARGEST BATTLESHIP OF THE TIME, the Dreadnought Guitar by C.F. Martin evolved in the early 1930s and quickly became one of the most popular instruments worldwide. John Deichman was the Martin Guitar shop foreman and an avid guitar player who worked to design this 'boat' of an acoustic guitar. Together with Harry Hunt and Frank Henry Martin, Deichman worked to develop the first 12-fret design of the highly popular Martin Dreadnought Guitar.

Full sound and deep, rich fundamental bass tones and volume are hallmarks of the dreadnought. This is the traditional Martin sound and the benchmark of acoustic tone across generations.


Balanced tone across all strings with more treble than the legendary Dreadnought. Often referred to as the perfect crossover guitar.

The smaller overall body is comfortable with a more immediate response. Due there being less mass for the strings to vibrate the smaller body of the 000/OM bodies provide more volume with a light touch than a dreadnought or other larger bodied guitar when played the same way. 

The 000 and OM share the exact same body dimensions with the OM body have a slightly longer scale creating more strings tension which results in more volume. 

00 14-Fret

Ideal for finger style playing, the Martin 00 is an intimate instrument with a strong mid-range and rewarding response. 

12 fret versions move the position of the bridge further down in the middle of the lower bout of the guitar increasing bass and mid-range as well as providing the guitar a more open, played-in sound. 

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