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    Sold in over 120 countries, Pearl River is the world's best-selling piano brand. Today, Pearl River manufacturers its own high-quality keyboard instruments and those for Ritmüller and Kayserburg brands.

    About Pearl River Pianos

    Producing more than 140,000 pianos each year, the Pearl River Group started in Guangzhou, China, in 1956 with the goal of creating quality yet accessible instruments for players and music schools.

    Regularly expanding, the company employs over 4,000 workers across the globe and, in addition to building a new facility in recent years, continues to advance its designs with CNC digital machinery and European manufacturing technologies.

    In evolving its product line of grand and upright pianos for the current marketplace, Pearl River collaborates with American and European design consultants to update its core models and introduce new options. The company's current product line spans 43- and 45-inch console models to nine-foot grand pianos and even includes silent systems for practicing.

    Characteristics of Pearl River Pianos

    Among the recent developments for Pearl River pianos are vertically laminated bridges, lighter touch weights for keys and German hammer felt. These qualities build on:

    • Quality hardwoods: Pearl River specifies the woods going into its upright and grand pianos, including firm beech for rims, bridges, and pin-blocks, and spruce soundboards. All woods are then dried and seasoned in a kiln to not only deliver a superior sound but to also handle moisture and humid conditions effectively.
    • Pig iron plates: This feature is the piano's framework, supporting the strings and the degree of tension required. Used from console through grand sizes, Pearl River melts down pig iron before pouring it into a wet sand cast mold. This process not only speaks to the quality put into each piano, but also reduces potential feedback issues.
    • Quality soundboards: Constructing this part from 100-percent spruce, Pearl River understands this component is key to the piano's sound. All soundboards are made with closed-grain wood and are tapered for more flexibility and greater dynamic range.

    Find Pearl River Pianos in San Antonio, TX

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    • More than 60 years of craftsmanship

    • The world’s largest, state-of-the-art factory

    • Affordably-priced with features of expensive pianos

    • Internationally certified for quality and environmental standards 

    • Recommended world-wide by teachers, performers and technicians