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    If you don't play piano, going to lessons and gigs seems simple - all you have to do is show up with your music and play! As an actual piano player, you know this definitely isn't the case.

    Instead, variables like your bench determine your comfort level - a basic folding chair isn't the right height - and if you perform, you need to accompany your keyboard with a stand and amplifier to get the sound that the audience wants to hear. And, that doesn't take account the fact you have to bring your keyboard along, in a case in your car.

    As such, Alamo Music Center considers all player levels - the beginner starting out at home with a digital piano to the professional scheduling weddings to the one-person show doing it all with an arranger keyboard or workstation.


    Comfort is always a factor in playing well, and no matter your level, why should you have to settle? Complement your quality instrument with a piano bench built for hours of practicing.


    If you're a student, chances are, your teacher or the music school has at least an acoustic upright piano ready for your lesson. As a professional or regularly playing amateur? You can't ever be sure, especially when you're called on to play outdoors.

    Whatever your style, if you're someone who regularly does gigs, you have a portable piano ready to go. We, then, have the cases that protect your instrument as you go to the location, perform for an audience, and then return home.


    Also speaking about gigs, your keyboard needs to be at the right height - no stooping over a table. For versatility, pair your keyboard or digital piano with a supportive and conveniently portable stand.


    Although many digital pianos and keyboards are equipped with built-in speakers, the sound tends to end there. For fully playing out and thinking about the size of your audience, have an amplifier that projects your music out into the crowd.

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    As the premier piano dealer in San Antonio and Austin, Alamo Music Center pairs our vast selection of acoustic and digital instruments with essential accessories from Roland, Yamaha, Casio, Kawai and more brands. Complete your setup or prepare for your first gig with benches, stands, cases and more.