Alamo Music Center has been in the business of selling, servicing and moving pianos since the early 1920s. You can bet that we know how to move a piano of any size from point A to point B safely and securely. Our professional piano moving team has been specially trained to relocate your instrument.


Why You Should Choose Professional Piano Movers

Pianos are more than just pieces of furniture; they are intricate musical instruments with delicate components, often holding sentimental value. Entrusting their relocation to inexperienced hands can lead to damage both to the instrument and your home. Here's why you should only rely on professional piano movers:

Expertise in Handling

Professional piano movers have the knowledge and experience in transporting delicate instruments like pianos. They are trained in specialized techniques tailored to handle different types, from uprights to the intricate grands.

Specialized Equipment

Unlike standard movers, piano movers are equipped with durable and specific tools and materials. This ensures your piano is padded, secured, and transported without any risk of damage.

Preservation of Sound Quality:

A piano is a complex assembly of thousands of parts, each contributing to its unique sound. Improper movement can dislodge essential components, altering the instrument's function, tone, loudness, and intonation.

Careful Navigation

Pianos need gentle handling. Treating them like regular furniture can cause structural damage, like breaking legs or scratching the exterior. It can also lead to damages in your home, such as dents in the drywall.

Understanding the Variance

Not all pianos are built the same. While some modern models may incorporate lighter materials like carbon fiber, many older ones are substantially heavier. Maneuvering such instruments is challenging and often requires multiple people. It's a task best left to professionals to avoid injury.

Post-Move Tuning Considerations

Even if a move appears smooth, the slightest jostling can affect the piano's tuning. With inexperienced movers, you might find yourself needing a tuner after the relocation, leading to additional expenses.

Invest in your instrument's longevity and the safety of your home by hiring professionals who understand the nuances of moving a piano.