Piano Restoration and Reconditioning

Sometimes a piano can fall into a state of neglect.  Maybe the instrument has been sitting in a warehouse, or in a home that didn't fully realize its value.  Whatever the case, Alamo Music Center can help you realize the full potential of your newly reclaimed piano.  

The utmost in care is taken in every step of the process.  When your piano is complete, it's showroom ready!

Our Basic Grand Piano Basic Package, includes the following:

  • New Custom Made Pin Block

  • New Pins & Wires

  • Plate Stripped and Refurbished

  • Cabinet Repair

  • New Han Rubbed Finish Close Pore

  • Natural or Ebony

  • Soundboard Repaired & Refinished/Bridge Repaired

  • New Damper Felt

  • Damper Heads Refinished

  • Guide Rail Refurbished

  • Buff & Clean Hardware

  • Replace Fall Board Logo

  • 1 Year Warranty

The above package is $10,000.00 and in some instances, further charges may need to be addressed.  These additional costs will be discussed when assessing the condition or size of the piano.  

The following photos are the before and after of a Steinway A that was serviced by Alamo Music Center.  For further information, scroll to the bottom of the page and submit the form.