Playful Piano Performance Competition


Thank you to all the piano players, families and teachers who participated in Alamo Music Center’s first ever totallyVIRTUAL Piano Competition!

The Playful Piano Performance Competition is created specifically for kids who LOVE to play the piano!

And who love to play all types of music on the piano!

Playful Piano Competition Winners 2021

Beginner: Chloe Wang - Teacher Maria Crystalia, San Antonio Music Academy 

Intermediate: Leilani Touchstone -Teacher Maria Crystalia, San Antonio Music Academy

Advanced: Chole Castillo - Teacher Ken Thompson, Musical Arts Center of San Antonio


Playful Piano Competition Runner-ups 2021 

Beginner: Gage Remo - Teacher Sharon Weidemann, New Braunfels  

Intermediate: Joseph Gurr - Teacher Dustin Stephens, The Brain Garde 

Advanced: Preston McGurn - Teacher Mark Little, San Antonio


Big Thanks goes out to our esteemed judges for their expertise and Critique Sheets given to every participant in our Competition!


  • Dr. Kasandra Keeling, (UTSA) 

  • Dr. Ara Koh, (UIW) 

  • Dr. Carolyn True (Trinity University)