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    Especially when your child participates in band or orchestra at school, they may be given a brass instrument like a trumpet or trombone, often through a rental program. They last a year or two, start picking up technique and making improvements, and decide to become serious. At this stage, you may be thinking about purchasing something more permanent, and for a quality yet affordable option, Alamo Music Center offers a selection of pre-owned brass instruments.

    Yet, even if you're a professional, used brass instruments expand the horns you have at home for practicing and gigs, giving you some variety in the process.

    Pre-Owned Brass Instruments

    Whatever your level or the style you prefer to play, find the following types of used and pre-owned brass instruments at Alamo Music Center:

    • Pre-Owned Trumpets: Trumpets are perhaps the best-known or most recognized brass instrument, used across classical, jazz, marching and big band music, and even pop and ska. The smallest brass instrument available, it features six feet of tubing, a flared bell and valves. The coronet and flugelhorn are also part of the trumpet family.
    • Pre-Owned French Horn: This curved brass instrument the player supports on their lap has its origins as a hunting call. Today, the French horn utilizes 18 feet of tubing and key-shaped valves that allow it to access the widest range of pitches among the brass family.
    • Pre-Owned Trombones: Trombones differ from other brass instruments in that they use a slide rather than valves to access notes. More recent of an invention than others listed here, the trombone family includes alto-, tenor- and bass-pitched instruments, all operated in a similar manner.
    • Pre-Owned Tubas and Euphoniums: These instruments encompass the lower end of the brass family. Although the tuba and euphonium have some marked differences, all play the role of the bass in bands and orchestras and, supported by the player's lap, have a bell pointing upwards.

    Find Pre-Owned & Used Brass Instruments

    Whether for expanding your own selection of horns or advancing your skills, find pre-owned and used brass instruments at Alamo Music Center by Yamaha, Jupiter, Bach, Conn-Selmer and other brands. Browse our selection today, consider signing up for trial lessons to get to know your instrument, and explore multiple financing and layaway options, including 12- to 48-month no-interest financing at times.