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    Whether for yourself or your child, a quality stringed instrument assists with making progress as a player, continuing to create beautiful tones and learn techniques that are more advanced. Because newer violins, violas, cellos and double basses often come with a high price, especially if your child has yet to grow into a full-sized version, pre-owned and used stringed instruments provide an economical solution.

    Pre-Owned Stringed Instruments

    Alamo Music Center provides an expansive selection of used and pre-owned string instruments, including the following:

    • Pre-Owned Violins: Whether you're more of a classical or fiddle player, the violin is one of the most versatile instruments, transcending styles and capable of producing a broad spectrum of timbres. Supported on the shoulder and requiring a bow to generate sustained notes, the violin is the smallest member of the string family and features strings tuned in fifths from E to G.
    • Pre-Owned Violas: Violas visually appear similar to the violin, until you hear their deeper, mellower tone. Slightly wider and thicker, this string instrument is tuned a fifth lower than the violin (with strings A to C) and is supported on the player's shoulder.
    • Cello: The cello - also known as the "violoncello" - is an octave lower than the viola and, subsequently, is significantly larger in size. The player supports it between their knees as they bow horizontally to generate a deep, resonant and rich tone.
    • Double Bass: The double bass is the only member of the orchestral string family to be tuned in fourths, starting from G and going down to E or a C extension. While it's bowed similarly to a cello, players need to stand to support the double bass, as full-size instruments can be six feet tall.

    Find Pre-Owned and Used String Instruments at Alamo Music Center

    Whether to graduate to a new size, find an affordable permanent solution to continue making progress, or a backup for practicing, Alamo Music Center offers a wide range of used and pre-owned stringed instruments for players of all levels. Browse our selection today, consider signing up for trial lessons to get to know your instrument, and explore multiple financing and layaway options, including 12- to 48-month no-interest financing at times.