Pre-Owned Selmer SFL611BO Intermediate Open-Hole Flute w/ B foot, Offset G -Sterling Silver

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The intermediate SFL611BO IS made completely of top-grade American sterling silver and features a professional hand-cut headjoint, hand-assembled keywork, and Pisoni Lucien Deluxe pads. The headjoint design features a sharp blowing edge, steep drop-off lip plate, and multi-tapered bore for fast and effortless response and articulation. The under and over hand-cutting provides a rich, expressive tone that is even throughout all the registers and gives the performer extreme dynamic control.

Head joint: Professional hand cut, made of American sterling silver
Body: made of American sterling silver
Foot joint: B foot joint, Pointed key arms
Keys: Open hole
Pads: Pisoni Lucien Deluxe professional double skin pads
Case: Deluxe French-style case and case cover
Springs: German steel springs
Tone Holes: Drawn
Gizmo key
Offset G

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