Pre-Owned Yamaha YFL-282 In-Line Open-Holed Flute

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French pointed key arms give this in-line, open-hole student flute model a professional look and feel The Yamaha line of Standard flutes has been updated to surpass the evolving needs of student flutists. Featuring an industry-leading pointed key arm design and a complete review and update to many aspects of the production process, the 200 series standard flutes emphasize the Yamaha consistency and quality that keeps these flutes strong and singing for young flutists. The YFL-282 features open-hole keys and an in-line G key

A#, F# and other non-fingered keys feature pointed key arms, similar to those found on top-of-the-line Yamaha Handmade Flutes. This high end feature brings strength and beauty to these student level flutes.

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