Pre-Owned Yamaha YFL-362 Off-Set Open-Hole Flute

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* New Pointed Key Arms vertically integrated from our Professional and Handmade flutes provide strength and beauty.
* Redesigned Offset G provides easier maintenance by repair techs and extends playing life.
* New High-Grade Stainless Steel Rods result in increased resistance to corrosion.
* Pad Felts are updated to the same style and thickness as the Professional line for a more precise seal.

* The Yamaha line of Standard and Intermediate flutes has been completely reimagined to fit the evolving needs of student flutists. Featuring many of the same advancements of the Professional and Handmade flutes, the 200, 300 and 400 series Standard and Intermediate flutes emphasize Yamaha consistency and quality that keeps these flutes strong and singing while promoting positive advancement for young flutists. Yamaha has recently released the YFL-362H which features a solid silver headjoint & footjoint, and a silver-plated body. The instrument is open whole, which can be plugged with the Yamaha end plugs (sold separately). This model has an offset G, and a B foot.

*Pre-Owned items are sold as-is, sale is final*