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    You'd be surprised at how large of an impact the smallest components in your studio setup can have. Although top-notch monitors, microphones and your workstation all make a difference, a poor-quality cable or set of headphones can add unwanted feedback or not deliver the crispness and depth you seek.

    For this reason, Alamo Music Center considers all areas of professional audio equipment, even cables, adapters, headphones and other accessories.


    Whether you strictly record at home or go out to perform regularly, cables have to be tough. These essentials for the sound get unplugged and plugged in over and over, as well as accidentally stepped on and twisted - and that's before you roll them up and toss them into the trunk of your car.

    The best cables take a beating and remain unscathed. At the same time, durability isn't the only factor: quality, reliable cables withstand and won't be altered by external noise, including wiring and radiofrequency, delivering the sound you desire in the process.

    For a primer on pro audio cables, the ones you want for your at-home and live setups use a balanced construction: a ground and two wires of opposite polarity to transmit information. Compared to the single-wire format of charging cables, this design blocks out noise and has male and female plugs on each end.

    Not all plugs are the same, mind you, and within a typical array of audio equipment, you'll see both XLR and TRS connectors. As a result, especially if you're taking your cables out to gigs, bring a set of adapters to change the plug type or connector. Browse now for speaker, XLR and instrument cables.


    Too many in their bedroom or at-home studio have invested in monitors but treat headphones like an afterthought. Realize that you need both perspectives, especially if you're working with vocalists and musicians who want a full picture of the soundscape.

    In turn, equip your space with at least one quality pair of headphones for listening to the track and blocking outside noise and distractions.

    Find Pro Audio Accessories at Alamo Music Center

    Update or complete your studio setup with pro audio accessories from Alamo Music Center. Upgrade your headphones, find a set of cables that last and deliver the sound quality you want, and equip yourself with cases and covers for storage and gigs.