Alamo Music Center has been in the music business for more than 80 years, and we've answered just about every question that can be asked. So, here are the most frequently asked questions about our rental program.

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Can I obtain an instrument without spending a lot of money?  

Yes! Alamo Music Center offers a rental plan with very reasonable rates.

What options do I have with the Rental Plan?

You have three options:

1.  Purchase the instrument at the time;
2.  Continue to rent by the month until you decide the exercise To Buy plan;
3.  Return the instrument to Alamo Music Center after the Initial Rental Period.

May I change instruments without additional cost?  

Yes! At any time during the Initial Rental Period, you may change your instrument for another without penalty.

Do I have to rent a new instrument?

No! Alamo Music Center offers used, rental return instruments - when available - that have been reduced in price. Ask one of our Musical Instrument Consultants for more information.

Couldn't I buy a cheap used instrument for someone?

Yes, but beware! Used instruments are sometimes left lying around for a long time with little to no attention, adding up costly repairs. We're talking hundreds of dollars sometimes! Also, sometimes the first instrument isn't always the right instrument! When renting, if the player decides to change their mind, go ahead and swap the instrument under the same contract!

Does our rental credit apply toward the purchase price if we decide to buy the instrument?

Yes! Contact your Musical Instrument Consultant and find out more information about applying your rental credit toward a purchase.

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