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    Established in 1795 and now part of the Pearl River Piano Group, Ritmüller established the standard for sound and quality and continues to innovate with its models.

    The aspect setting Ritmüller pianos apart is their tone - warm and almost singing and preferred by professionals for centuries. Today, Ritmüller pianos can be found in concert halls across the globe, in music conservatories and in many homes by players wanting a top-notch instrument built for virtuosity.

    Grand Pianos

    Ritmüller grand pianos bring together timeless European craftsmanship with the most recent advances in technology and design and include Performance and Premium lines:

    • Premium grand pianos are some of Ritmüller's most touch responsive, beginning with a European-scale design consisting of Northern Spruce tapered soundboards, German Renner™ hammers, ebony wood keys, hornbeam action components and a durable vertically laminated hardwood bridge.
    • Performance grand pianos combine top-tier performance and value, beginning with many of the Premium line's parts but utilizing German Abel™ hammers.

    Upright Pianos

    Upright Ritmüller pianos adapt the resonant grand piano sound into a more compact design that's ideal for homes and practice rooms with limited space, and include the following lines:

    • Premium upright pianos emphasize sensitivity and touch and stress the importance of complete dynamic range even when practicing. In turn, Ritmüller Premium upright pianos use many of the same materials going into its grands while situating the strings vertically within the cabinet and perpendicular to the keys.
    • Performance Series upright pianos deliver excellent quality for an equally excellent price, utilizing real ebony sharp keys and Northern Spruce soundboards with tapered, surface-tension skin.
    • The RSH Series is a new introduction to Ritmüller's line of upright pianos and involved input from the Pearl River team. The RSH Series begins with a solid spruce soundboard, Röslau wires for more expressiveness, hammers with A-grade felt and mahogany cores, double-hammer rest rail action, a sand-cast iron frame and a wood bass bridge constructed to enhance vibration. All components are situated in a cabinet that amplifies resonance and improves tonal clarity.

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