Selmer Paris B16 Prologue Professional Bb Clarinet - Silver Plated Keys

Selmer Paris
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The Prologue clarinet is enriched with the experience and ingenuity of Henri SELMER Paris through the company's history of conception and fabrication of clarinets of quality. The Prologue clarinet is light and easy to play and offers immediate comfort. With ergonomic keywork specially designed for clarinetists of all levels that enables a natural and rapid adaptation to the instrument. Ease of response and emission is ensured through its specifically designed bore, as well as enormous flexibility across all registers of the instrument and homogeneity of sound from top to bottom.

Key: Bb
Pitch: 440-442 Hz
Keys: Silver-plated
Thumb rest: Adjustable with ring
Pads: Valentino
Bell ring: Made of high strength elastomer
Mouthpiece: Henri Selmer Paris "Focus"