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    Koichi Kawai started his eponymous company in 1927 after designing a complete piano action. Through steady growth and innovation, Kawai became an authority in piano making - not only in Japan but on a global scale. After Koichi's passing, his son Shigeru assumed leadership within the company and continued that trajectory through advanced manufacturing practices. Today, Kawai spans grand to upright acoustic pianos and has defined what a digital model should sound like.

    On the acoustic end, Shigeru Kawai Pianos embody the company's longtime attention to craftsmanship and design and how these aspects translate to its playability and sound. Going into the line is extreme attention to detail through every part and construction that builds on Kawai's lengthy history of crafting grand pianos for concert halls, music schools and at-home use.

    Shigeru Kawai Grand Piano Models

    Shigeru Kawai encompasses several grand piano models made for performance and practice:

    • SK-EX: The SK-EX is considered Kawai's top-tier grand piano, in terms of technological advancements, materials, and sounds, and reflects the company's prominence in the global piano market.
    • SK-7: The SK-7 encompasses semi-concert grand pianos designed to express every dynamic and articulation from the player's fingers.
    • SK-6: The SK-6 is a line of orchestra grand pianos specifically crafted for performance in large ensembles.
    • SK-5: For distinctive, clear tones that mesh in a small-ensemble environment, the SK-5 is a series of chamber grand pianos designed for recital and professional performance spaces.
    • SK-3: The SK-3 is considered a conservatory grand, built for the advanced student wanting a refined playing experience and superb tone in the practice room and on the stage.
    • SK-2: Kawai calls the SK-2 piano its classic salon grand for its visual profile and tone that works in both small performance spaces and practicing at home.

    Find Shigeru Kawai Pianos for Sale

    Bring warmth into your home, venue or practice space with Shigeru Kawai grand pianos. Explore Kawai's top-level performance line online and then try out any of these instruments in our stores. We're the San Antonio area's premier piano dealer, and offer two locations for exploring a range of models, in addition to two dedicated Kawai showrooms:

    Shigeru Kawai Grand Pianos in Austin, TX

    The Shigeru Kawai line sets the bar for the rest of Kawai's pianos, presenting aspirational sound quality and craftsmanship. As the company continues to evolve its digital pianos, the Shigeru Kawai series further has become the basis for their sampled tones.

    If you're considering upgrading the piano in your home or need a top-tier performance instrument for your school, see why they're above the rest by stopping into our Austin showroom. Make an appointment to try out different models to determine what meets your expectations. As a factory-authorized dealer, we offer wholesale pricing and ensure fast, efficient delivery.

    Shigeru Kawai Grand Pianos in St. Louis, MO

    You can't ever tell an instrument's sound by its appearance alone. Anyone who's a serious musician knows you have to play on a few pianos before you find something that responds to your touch and delivers the degree of resonance you seek.

    As of recent, we've opened up a Kawai showroom in St. Louis for this purpose. Make an appointment to explore the Shigeru Kawai series and compare it to other Kawai grand pianos. As this is a factory-authorized location, we provide wholesale pricing for new and used instruments and ensure safe, efficient delivery to your home or school.

    Wherever you purchase a Shigeru Kawai piano, take advantage of our multiple financing and layaway options, including 12- to 48-month no-interest financing at times.