Sonor Orff AGP1 Alto Glockenspiel

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Primary Series Alto Glockenspiel

Version: German model
Length: 14.5669 in.
Depth: 4.5 in.
Height: 2 in
Sound bar color: Silver
Sound bar material: Steel
Resonator box made of pine wood and pine plywood
Tuning : Fundamental tuning
Scale: C major scale
Tones: c2, d2, e2, f2, f-sharp2, g2, a2, b-flat2, b2, c3, d3, e3, f3, f-sharp3, g3, a3
Accessories: 1 pair Wooden Headed Mallet, SCH 95
Lowest note: c2
Highest note: a3
Number of notes: 16
Sound bar width: 0.78 in
Sound bars thickness: .12 in
Unit: 1 piece