"Life is more fun when you play music"

This is Alamo Music Center's motto, and we employ some of the best music educators in San Antonio in order to spread the joy of playing music. If you're interested in taking music lessons, but want to learn more about what we offer, there is a list of our instructors and their biographies below. Among them are local San Antonio musicians, as well as those who came to Alamo Music Center from all around the country. If you're looking for private lessons from an experienced teacher, look no further. Click here to sign up for classes.


Both Locations:

James Edwards - Piano, Voice

Ruben Rodriguez - Bass/All Brass

Aaron Walker - Drums

Chadwick Gonzalez - Drums



Isabel Romero - Piano

 Fernando Davil - Piano

Mark Little - Piano 

Abel Miranda - Guitar 

Austin Zettner - Guitar 

Pancho Garza - Guitar, Ukulele 

Danny Maldonado - Bass 

Kayla Castro - Cello

Michael Brown - Saxophone 

Carmen Cantu - Woodwinds

Tony Romeo - Brass



Brenda Duncan - Piano

Brandy Reese - Piano 

Belva McKann - Piano 

Wei Han - Piano

Robert Garcia - Guitar/Beginner Piano

Eric Saenz - Guitar

Luis Gonzalez - Guitar 

Angela Malek - Voice 

Baldemar Galvan - Drums

Pierre Poree - Woodwinds