If you are new to band instruments, we have some great knowledge on what to look out for when buying a tuba! If you don't find what you are looking for on our site, please give us a call at (210-224-1010) Downtown or (210-525-1010) Babcock so that we can answer any questions you may have! 

For us to serve you better, please consult your band director on the

preferred instrument so that we can get you the perfect instrument to satisfy everyone! 

First: New, Used, or Rent? We offer all three choices. New is more reliable, sounds great, just costs a little more. Used is perfect for anyone starting out. Rent is also good for those who are not sure what instrument they would like to play. I am pleased to say that we offer all three choices.

Second: size matters? The tuba family consists of many instruments of various size, function, and pitch. If you’re planning to buy one here are their types, description and functions:

BBb tuba – This is the most common type of tuba that kids from elementary to high school use, primarily because its size is smaller and lighter compared to a full-sized tuba. It’s called ‘BBb’ because its fundamental pitch is ‘Bb’.

CC Tuba – This is commonly used by professional orchestra players.  It’s called CC Tuba because its fundamental of pitch is of course, ‘C’.

F and Eb Tubas  - This tuba is used  as supplemental instruments by soloist or on a special performance.  They are also smaller and their fundamental pitches are ‘F’ and ‘Eb’.

Euphoniums – This is a valve instrument which resembles a small tuba. Although its range is more similar to a trombone, it’s still considered as a tuba.

Sousaphones – This type tuba is often used by marching bands because it’s easier to carry and has a sound which is appropriately for parade or field shows. The name is from a famous bandmaster, John Philip Sousa.

For Beginners We Recommend:

Tuba: Yamaha YBB-105WC Series 3-Valve 3/4 BBb Tuba

tubaThe YBB-105WC Series is one of the top 3/4 BBb tubas designed for the beginning player.
The Yamaha YBB105WC Series 3 Valve 3/4 BBb Tuba is a great beginner instrument with a good sound and is comfortable to play. The Yamaha 105WC BBb Tuba features a size design with a .661-inch bore and gold brass leadpipe for easy tone production and control. The YBB105WC BBb Tuba also features a 14-3/8-inch inch upright bell for outstanding projection and 3 top action nickel-plated piston valves for smooth, quick action. The Yamaha YBB105WC Series 3 Valve 3/4 BBb Tuba includes a plastic shell case and mouthpiece and is available in lacquer (YBB-105WC) finish.


Intermediate (high school-college)

YEB-3221S E flat

tuba at alamo music centerThe YEB-321S is an excellent choice for those who demand a high quality Eb tuba sound, yet must consider their budget. The 321S features a strong warm tone, and is easy to play, with accurate intonation. Hand-lapping is a time-consuming finishing process which results in superior valve fit for noiseless, responsive action and easy tone changes.




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