Yamaha T121 48" Polished Ebony Upright Piano

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The Yamaha T121 is the most affordable, top of the line beginner piano ideal for a home or teaching environment. The responsive, easy to play keyboard offer a clear and boisterous tone.
  • Full length ribs into a notched liner
  • Solid spruce soundboard and ribs
  • Acoustibars
  • Solid copper wound bass strings
  • Hard maple bridges
  • Aluminum alloy action rails
  • Yamaha balanced action
  • Spruce keys with hardwood buttons
  • Grand piano key travel
  • Cut thread tuning pins
  • Mute pedal
  • Yamaha designed hammers with T-fasteners
  • Polyester finish
  • Resin sheet foundation
  • Vacuum Shield Mold Process (V-Pro) plate
  • Seasoned for destination

Speaking Length of #1 bass string: 46.8"
Hammer Weight in lbs.: 22
Soundboard Dimension: 2137 square inches
Material: Spruce
Back Post Material: Spruce
V-Pro Plate: Yes
Bridge Material: Hard Maple
Pinblock Material: Hard Maple
Tuning Pins: Cut thread
Metal Action Rail: Yes
Seasoned for Destination: Yes
Keyboard: 88 keys
Key Surfaces: White: Acrylic Resin; Black: Phenolic Resin
Pedals: Soft Pedal, Mute Pedal, Damper Pedal