Shigeru Kawai has impressive showing at the 2020 Gurwitz Piano Competition

Shigeru Kawai has impressive showing at the 2020 Gurwitz Piano Competition

Heading photo by: Robert Michaelson

Every four years The Gurwitz Piano Competition gathers participants and jurors from around the globe showcase the art of piano in San Antonio, Texas. Along with the standard piano concert repertoire, pianists demonstrate their versatility by performing music rooted in their native cultures as well as Latin composers to celebrate San Antonio's cultural makeup.

On Saturday, February 1st, the 2020 Gurwitz Piano Competition awarded the top three winners of the competition with Jiale Li, 28, from China winning the gold medal coming out of the competition with a prize of $25,000.

Photo Credit: Adriana Flores

Jiale Li opted to utilize the Shigeru Kawai 9,1 SK-EX Grand Piano over two Steinway pianos for all of his performances, joining over 50% of this years participants who also chose the Shigeru Kawai over Steinway.

Photo Credit: Robert Michaelson

Alamo Music Center was proud to be providing a 9'1 Kawai EX Concert Piano for this competition.

The President of Kawai America Seijiro Imamura was on hand for the event and expressed his excitment that so many competitors, including the winner, was able to take advantage of the tone and playability of the Kawai in helping them reach musical excellence in their competition. 

Photo Credit: Adriana Flores

This rare 9'1 Shigeru Kawai Piano will be on hand for further demonstration by local San Antonio Jazz Artist Doc Watkins of Jazz TX. This special event will take place on Saturday, February 8th From 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM at Alamo Music Center 425 N. Main, San Antonio, TX 78205. The is a free event with wine and cheese service. 

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