Thank You Teachers - Especially Music Teachers!

Thank You Teachers - Especially Music Teachers!

The 2020 school year looks unlike any previous school year. Social distancing requires adjustments in every setting, and school teachers continue to find innovative ways to deliver learning experiences to students. 

Music educators manage so much more than just teaching music. Music educators help students develop successful habits. They help students develop self discipline and responsibility. They help students learn to analyze and solve problems. They help students learn to be self-reliant. 

Music educators help students work as part of a team. They provide a vision of something larger than the individual. They provide organization and opportunity and support for young minds to expand. They provide a safe place for students to grow. 

Music education develops good character. 

Music educators play a large role in the culture of our communities.

To all music educators - Thank you for making a difference in the lives of others. 

School band and orchestra directors keep their music programs alive and help their students thrive by adjusting to circumstances and overcoming obstacles. Teaching in person, online and in the hybrid environment, Texas music educators continue to connect students to the world through the universal language of music.

Music education in particular helps students make connections across subjects. Music students often can use knowledge of their instrument, their musical skills, and their performance experiences as content for assignments and projects in other subjects. Practicing music develops useful habits of independent and group learning. The team work developed in school band and orchestra directly translates to successful group assignments in other classes. 

Here are basic knowledge pieces about brass instrumentstrombone basicsstrength conditioning for brass, and saxophone basics. For more great ideas, ask your  music teacher.

October means football and everyone knows the first half of every game is the opening act for the halftime show. Like athletics, the discipline developed through daily practice improves confidence which in turn improves results.

Marching band is serious business in Texas requiring many long hours of grueling fun. Marching practice, bus rides, and stadium seats develop leg muscles, character, tenacity, and strong memories for all involved. 

This grueling fun can be hard on band instruments which are not designed to bounce well. In the unfortunate event you have discovered this yourself, remember our expert band service department offers sanitization and repair of all woodwind, brass and percussion instruments

Virtual concerts are another new development and challenge for music educators of 2020. In a virtual concert, each musician performs their part from a remote location. Music educators in 2020 model effective use of technology, and  rely on each player to record their performance into their computer. Music educators then manage the production and presentation of the virtual concert to a potentially global audience. 

We can help you find the right computer recording interfaces and software, compact sound systems, microphones, and additional hardware. We can explain and show you how things work, and we have most items in stock and ready for delivery.

Music education makes a positive difference in the lives of everyone. 

Alamo Music supports is thankful for the positive role music educators play in our community.