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Wurlitzer Satin Walnut Spinet Piano

-Brand: Wurlitzer

-Serial # 1087429

-Finish: Satin Walnut

-Condition: Very Good

The purchase of this piano will directly benefit YOSA (Youth Orchestra of San Antonio) and their mission to ensure that high-quality music education is equally available to young musicians in every neighborhood, and every school, regardless of a family's ability to pay.

Frank Rudolph Wurlitzer founded Wurlitzer Pianos in 1853. It is one of the oldest names in the piano manufacturing industry in the United States. The excellence of their pianos can be lined up with the best names in the empire of piano manufacturing and design.

Spinet pianos are perfect for a player from beginner to intermediate, especially one looking to upgrade from a digital piano or keyboard. The spinet is a vertical piano, and while it is the smallest in its class, its action is a substantial upgrade from a keyboard. The drawbacks come in its acoustics, due to its shorter string length in relation to larger upright pianos; however, a spinet piano is a great choice for anyone looking to take the step into acoustic pianos.

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