Yamaha LS16 RHC Handcrafted Solid Rosewood

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Yamaha LS16 RHC Handcrafted Solid Rosewood

General Description

Another guitar from Yamaha’s L series, the LS16 is another model that is sporting the A.R.E. treatment to give it a rich and warm tone with powerful resonance and tone balance. It has a solid Rosewood and Mahogany back and sides with a solid Engelmann Spruce top. The LS16 also comes with a more comfortable neck profile than its predecessors, along with a pickup system. This guitar is built and prepped for on-stage play, both solo and in a band.


Solid Engelmann spruce top produces lighter tones, but compensates with broader overtones. The rosewood back and sides combined with the spruce top gives a booming bass and great voice projection, producing warm rich tones with a loud voice.

Body Shape/Size



SRT Zero Impact Pickup



Price Point

The LS16 is a top notch guitar and is well worth the price for its quality in design and sound. Its great for on-stage performances and plays well solo and as accompaniment. Highly recommended for players looking for an amazing stage guitar for gigs/performances.


Great for fingerpicking or strumming styles.


  • Small Type Body
  • Solid Engelmann Spruce Top Treated with A.R.E.
  • Solid Rosewood Back & Side
  • High Comfort Traditional Neck Profile
  • 5ply neck
  • SRT Zero Impact Pickup