Yamaha LS6RBSHC Concert Acoustic-Electric Brown Sunburst

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Yamaha LS6RBSHC Acoustic Guitar Sunburst

General Description

This guitar has some amazing features that brings it to the table. The LS6 is built using a non-scalloped bracing to give a well balanced tone to the guitar. It sports Yamaha’s Acoustic Resonance Enhancement (A.R.E.) which gives it an improved high range response and high range decay. This enhances clarity in high tones and low range sustain that complement the natural warm tones produced by the guitar. It has a wide string spacing for comfortable play and a thin neck taper to reach chords for players with varying sized hands.


Solid Engelmann spruce top produces lighter tones, but compensates with broader overtones. The rosewood back and sides combined with the spruce top gives a booming bass and great voice projection, producing warm rich tones with a loud voice.

Body Shape/Size

Grand Auditorium



Acoustic Resonance Enhancement
Zero Impact Passive Pickup
Gold Hardware



Brown Sunburst

Price Point

A great instrument to pick up for the price! An exceptional hybrid guitar, the LS6 is a great guitar to pick up and one that everyone will enjoy with its enhanced warm rich tones and voice.


Great for fingerpicking or strumming styles.