Yamaha NTX1200R Acoustic Electric Classical Guitar Natural

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Yamahas NXC line of guitars inherits many of the characteristics of traditional classical guitars, such as fingerboard width, neck contour, body depth and 12th fret neck joint construction. But don’t let that fool you, they still offer the flexibility and playability that comes from modern features like slick cutaway bodies, low string action and state of the A.R.T. preamp systems. Get ready for a guitar with a rainbow of tonal colors that comes in an easy playable classical guitar. It wont be hard for either steel string to electric guitar players to make a switch. The tonal options and delcate ease of playing this classical is sure to keep you around and open up different areas of your writing process.


The Yamaha NTX1200R comes with a Solid Sitka Spruce top for that puncy crisp tone, complimented by the Solid Rosewood back and sides with the rich high saturated overtones and bell like ring and responce. The tonewood was well thought out by Yamaha and executed nicely.

Body Shape/Style:

Classical style guitar with a cutaway body shape for extra comfort and ease allowing the player to travel up and down the full fingerboard of guiar.


Bold and strong with control and resonance the African Mahogany really bring the beautiful tones woods together.


The Yamaha NTX1200R comes with the state of the A.R.T. preamp systems with a built in tuner.


The Yamaha NCX1200R is a great classical guitar for the seasoned player looking for a long lasting expertly made guitar. From the state of the A.R.T. preamp systems to the select tonal qualities of the Sitka spruce top and solid Rosewood body. This classical is worth its weight in gold, make this your road warrior today.