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    Yamaha has been producing pianos for over 100 years. Today, you'll see Yamaha grand pianos in concert halls, and uprights in music school studios. Yamaha has further revolutionized digital and hybrid piano technology, creating an authentic-feeling electronic instrument that's ideal for learning and practicing.

    About Yamaha Pianos

    Torakusu Yamaha built the first upright piano in Japan in 1900 and followed that a few years later with a grand piano, where it won the Honorary Grand Prize at the World's Fair in 1904.

    Although Yamaha initially designed their pianos for the Japanese market, the company's manufacturers sought to learn the latest European techniques. In turn, Yamaha invited Europe's top piano craftsmen to improve the sound, and used this knowledge to create its FC and eventually the CF concert grand piano. Over the next couple of decades, these changes took Yamaha pianos out of Japan and made them highly sought after by the world's top players.

    By the 1960s, Yamaha expanded to the United States, where it set up a distribution center. While the CF and the C3 grand pianos set the standard for the next few decades, Yamaha began exploring digital technologies in the 1980s. What resulted first was the Disklavier, a hybrid piano that entered the American market in 1987. The Disklavier is characterized by acoustic operation and electronic controls for recording and playback, and remains a core of Yamaha's lineup today.

    At the same time, Yamaha introduced a true digital piano, one that was significantly more compact than an acoustic model but could deliver the same tones and quality. The Clavinova made its debut in 1983 as a fully electric piano with an authentic feel.

    Types of Yamaha Pianos

    Yamaha's existing product line includes the following types of pianos:

    • Acoustic: Yamaha grand, baby grand and upright pianos fall within this group. The piano action remains as it has always been, with no digital technology. Yamaha grand pianos are close to nine feet in length, while a Yamaha baby grand is near the five-foot mark. A Yamaha upright, including the B Series, P Series, and U Series, situates the strings top to bottom, so that they run perpendicular to the keys.
    • Digital: Digital pianos are ideal for beginners and as practice models. Yamaha seeks to replicate the acoustic's sound and response while offering a smaller design built for apartments and practice rooms with limited space.
    • Hybrid: Yamaha has been ahead in terms of hybrid technology, introducing its Disklavier model nearly 30 years ago. In the '90s, the company unveiled its Silent pianos, which transition from an acoustic to a digital instrument for convenient, hassle-free practicing.

    Options for Used, Pre-Owned & Refurbished Yamaha Pianos

    Are you on the search for a used Yamaha piano? Explore pre-owned and refurbished instruments from the following popular series:

    • Yamaha GB1k: If you're looking for a quality compact Yamaha baby grand piano, the GB1k checks all boxes. Just five feet long, this grand piano produces the warm, resonant tone of a larger model while capturing every dynamic, articulation and expressive element.
    • Yamaha C Series: Although Yamaha has since replaced its C Series with the CX line, the former is highly sought after among the used piano market. Long Yamaha's flagship grand piano line, the C Series stands apart with its clear tone and faithful rendering, making these instruments ideal for both students honing their technique and pros searching for accuracy. Among this line, the Yamaha C1 is a baby grand measuring just over five feet long, the Yamaha C3 is a studio grand, the Yamaha C5 is a large grand, and, ideal for performances, the Yamaha C7 is a 7.5-foot long semi-concert grand.
    • Yamaha U Series: The practice counterpart to the C Series, Yamaha's U Series of upright pianos has set the standard for homes and music schools for decades. A compact design, room for sheet music, warm tone and responsiveness can be found in the Yamaha U1 - long a favorite among students and professionals - and the Yamaha U3.
    • Yamaha GC Series: The Yamaha GC Series is an economical line of grand pianos designed to capture the tone and expressiveness of the C Series at a lower price point. Composing the line is the Yamaha GC1, a baby grand, and the Yamaha GC2 grand piano.
    • Yamaha Disklavier: As Yamaha advanced its digital piano and keyboard capabilities in the 1980s, it launched the Disklavier line of acoustic pianos with recording and playback capabilities. Players get the feel of a grand or upright, while electronic sensors and solenoids sense the movement and touch on keys, hammers and pedals. Ideal for both students and professionals, the Disklavier line allows you to record performances and practice sessions to refine your skills and keep track of your progress.

    Find Refurbished and Pre-Owned Yamaha Pianos in San Antonio

    Whatever your home's or school's space considerations, Alamo Music Center offers used Yamaha pianos to suit your needs. Browse grand, baby grand, upright, hybrid and more models known for their history of craftsmanship and quality sound. We offer multiple financing and layaway options, including 12- to 48-month, no-interest options at times, plus trial lessons and an extended warranty.