Yamaha Student Full 4/4 Size Violin Outfit, ABS case, Wood Bow

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Yamaha Student Violin Outfit, 4/4 size, ABS case, Wood Bow

YVN00344 violins are constructed with the tight tolerances normally associated with much more expensive, luthier-built models.

A proprietary graduated "press-formed" spruce top offers exceptional resonance and the patented three-layer construction of the tops and backs uses just one-third the amount of wood previously consumed. These improvements allow the violins to sing with the rich tone of a graduated carved instrument while maintaining student-proof durability for renters, and all at a family-friendly price for those ready to invest in a quality-starter instrument.

Each piece is as precise as the one before it, so repair and replacement are simple tasks, making it both faster and more cost-effective to keep the violin at peak performance — an important consideration in academic music programs.