Yamaha YFL461H 400 Series Intermediate flute Offset G Flute With B-F

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The Yamaha YFL-461 Series Intermediate Flute is an outstanding choice for the advancing student. The head, body, and foot joints are made of solid silver; which produces a warm and rich tone. The headjoint’s embouchure hole is undercut for a clean attack, sensitive response and accurate intonation. Double bladder pads feature extended life, while thickened post will help maintain accurate alignment.


  • Key System Offset G
  • Key type: Ring keys
  • Design/Architecture Detail
  • Tonehole Type: Drawn & curled
  • E mechanism: No
  • Body & footjoint: Sterling silver
  • Key: Nickel silver (Silver-plated)
  • Headjoint & lip plate: Sterling silver