Zoom ZG1ON Multi-effects Pedal w/100 Effects

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Zoom here we have led the multi-effects processing for the last twenty years. We are especially proud that our innovations in effects pedals have become the preferred tools for guitarists around the world. Now, with the launch of G1on, let's take guitar effects to new goals-and a surprisingly affordable price. Whatever your level of expertise, or his style of music, G1on sure it will become instantly on your favorite pedal board.

The G1on offers 100 guitar effects, including various distortions, compression, modulation, delays, reverbs and amp models.

You can use up to 5 effects simultaneously, chained as you like. In addition, 68 has incorporated rhythmic accompaniment patterns and can connect headphones to the jack is output (as well as portable music players to jack auxiliary input) for a silent trials. An integrated chromatic tuner supports all standard guitar tunings, including open tunings and falls, and Looper function lets you record up to 30 seconds of audio CD quality. The loop length can be adjusted either manually or a predetermined black notes (up to 64 times) number, and it is possible that loop with any rhythmic pattern, with automatic quantize that ensures a start and end without interruption.

Programming is simple and straightforward thanks to streamlined user interface and a large backlit LCD screen. Some advanced editing features such as Swap, Auto-Save and Pre-Select facilitate the organization of its patches for live performances and allow you to move between their patches without sounding while maintaining the patch in use running.