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Alamo Music Center is Texas's premier Kawai piano dealer. Through this partnership, we manage a factory-authorized Kawai piano showroom in Austin, where customers looking for a new or used instrument can find quality at an affordable price and get guidance about what best suits their needs.

Our Austin Kawai showroom offers a vast selection of acoustic and digital pianos, new and used, at wholesale pricing. We pair this variety with safe, efficient delivery, ensuring that the instrument you select is secure and ready to play in your home or music school.

As soon as you've selected a Kawai piano, we'll work on customizing a delivery plan.

Options for Kawai Pianos

Kawai's history goes back to the 1920s. In 1927, Koichi Kawai, after spending a few years in piano research and development, opened his own company and introduced a grand piano to the market a year later. Throughout the 20th century, Kawai's profile grew - first in Japan and then on a global level, resulting in locations in the U.S., Europe, Australia and Canada.

Behind Kawai pianos' reputation is a string of innovations that continues into the present. Over the years, Kawai lightened up its acoustic pianos through the usage of aluminum action rails and ABS composite parts, delivering strength without weight and compromising sound quality. Into the 1980s, Kawai rode the electronic instrument boom in Japan and started introducing digital pianos that, even today, are based on the sound quality and response of Kawai's acoustic grands.

Across several models, Kawai's line of pianos includes the following:

  • Grand pianos: Kawai grand pianos span multiple sizes, from baby grands designed for homes to concert grands meant to resonate in a large hall. Shigeru Kawai pianos represent the apex of the company's commitment to quality.
  • Upright pianos: Kawai has built a quality practice piano with its line of uprights, which cover console to studio height models.
  • Digital pianos: Kawai samples its grand pianos for its digital series and pairs these sounds with more natural-feeling action and response that help fully realize dynamics and articulations. At the same time, Kawai continues to incorporate key digital features, including Bluetooth™ technology, recording capabilities, and OLED screens.
  • Hybrid pianos: Kawai's hybrid pianos represent the best of both worlds - the construction of an acoustic with the convenience and capabilities of a digital model.

If you're located in the Austin area and seeking out a Kawai acoustic or digital piano, make an appointment with our showroom today to learn more about these impressive instruments.

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