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Why Finance a Musical Instrument?

If you plan to purchase a long-term musical instrument, financing offers a payment structure similar in amount to renting. After you have paid off the full amount, you will officially own your guitar, piano, orchestral, or percussion instrument or recording gear, able to call it your own and count on it for future progress and performance.

Along with this advantage, applying for a loan is straightforward, with zero to low interest rates available. In most cases, your credit won't be pulled. Alamo Music is happy to help you figure out the best financing option, check out more information below.

Credit vs. Loans

This type of payment plan is equivalent to a store credit card, with no-interest financing over a specific period - for instance, 48 months. Because interest can increase after this point, you're recommended to pay off the amount by the end of this duration. Loans, by contrast, will be written for a specific period, during which you'll be expected to make monthly payments.

Take Your Time

Financing a musical instrument shouldn't ever be a spur-of-the-moment decision. Instead, you're advised to try out models and constructions and get advice from your instructor or peers about design, sound quality and features. Take your time researching and exploring before deciding on the instrument that suits you.

Create a Budget

This aspect can further narrow down your search and refine your financing options. Even with a loan or credit, it's a good idea to make an upfront payment, especially if you're looking for a quality, long-term instrument. Realize that loans may only fund part of the cost, and you're advised to be ready to pay at least 50% of the total.

Where Can You Discuss Musical Instrument Financing?

Alamo Music Center wants everyone to find an instrument suiting their skill level and goals, be it for band or orchestra, a piano, guitar or to grow as a producer or songwriter. We make financing accessible to all. Consider your options for purchasing an instrument and discussing financing:


With the exception of acoustic pianos, all instruments and gear can be purchased online through our website. Reach out to us, or explore any of the links above, to see how you can finance your purchase.

In San Antonio

We've been in business for over 90 years, and have established a reputation as San Antonio's premier musical instrument retailer. Stop into either of our San Antonio stores to get to know our instruments and talk about financing solutions. Here, you'll have an opportunity to try out and purchase new and used grand and upright pianos from Yamaha, Kawai, Baldwin, Steinway & Sons, Pearl River and other well-known manufacturers.

Our Kawai Showrooms

Alamo Music Center is a factory-authorized Kawai dealer. We maintain two showrooms where we offer wholesale pricing: one nearby in Austin with additional locations in Missouri, Kansas, Michigan and Ohio. Make an appointment to try out new and used acoustic, digital and hybrid Kawai pianos, and we'll touch on financing your purchase.

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