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CALL US TOLL FREE 844-251-1922

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Our experts will help you find the right piano.


Our Piano Buying Process

Selecting a piano can be hard, and it’s a big decision. We recommend prospective Kawai Piano buyers watch this video before you choose. Helping you choose just the right piano is what we do.


How to Get on Our Clearance List

For nearly 100 years, our piano experts have helped musicians like you find the perfect piano. There’s a lot to think about! Depending on the space you’re furnishing, you may want grand and baby grand pianos or upright pianos. If you’re looking for modern technologies, we have plenty of hybrid pianos and many other available options.
With so many types of pianos, and just as many options once you know which type of piano you want, we’ve made our experts available to prospective customers for free. For more information on our pianos and access to our best deals, call us or fill out our form today!


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