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Pianos for Churches

A Higher Standard

Music is one of our primary forms of praise and worship, and for many churches and congregations, the piano serves as the centerpiece musical instrument. Alamo Music Center has worked with numerous churches of all sizes, both in our local region and nationwide, to provide pianos perfectly fit for their sanctuary size and preferences. The value of a high-quality performance piano is very evident and serves to elevate.

Serving Congregations

A piano that is purchased for use in a church will see more use and potential abuse than a traditional home piano. This continued playing can put an additional strain on the instrument. These conditions require that the piano selected for church use must be of good durability and of excellent craftsmanship. A high-quality instrument will end up being quite a good value, as you can rely on it to remain stable and in good working condition at concert level for years to come. A responsive touch and a full, musical tone are essential to a church pianist. It is this kind of craftsmanship and regulation that one can expect from a piano provided by Alamo Music Center.

Working to Match Your Needs

The piano specialists here at Alamo Music are experts at helping music directors and musicians find the right piano for their church - at the right price. Our large inventory and over 90 years of experience will ensure that you find the piano that will take your worship to the next level. We invite you to visit one of our showroom facilities or call an expert to select the pianos that are right for you.

Tips for Finding a Church Piano

As you shop around for a piano for your congregation, consider the following points:

Establish a budget for both the instrument itself and any accessories you may need, like a stool or sound system. This can further direct your search toward a digital or acoustic model.

Determine how much space you have and its purpose. An upright may be better for choir practice, while if you have a larger stage, your facility is better equipped for a grand piano. As well, if you tend to perform outdoors in the summer, a digital piano along with a sound system delivers the versatility you seek.

Acoustics play a role, too. If your church allows sound to carry with minimal amplification, then an acoustic piano, particularly a grand, may be what you're looking for. However, if a PA system and monitors are needed for the audience to hear, consider investing in a high-quality digital piano.

What types of music does your church perform? If the selection leans more toward classic hymns and choir-based songs, an acoustic better suits the timbre and voicing. If you prefer more modern offerings, perhaps with a guitar or percussion in the mix, an electric piano delivers the versatility to switch between classic and newer compositions.

Find new and used pianos at Alamo Music Center, including acoustic models from Kawai, Yamaha, Steinway & Sons, and Baldwin and digital options from Kawai, Yamaha, Roland, and Casio. Start your search online, try out instruments in our San Antonio and Austin showrooms, and explore multiple financing and layaway options, including 12- to 48-month no-interest financing at times.

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