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Often, school is the first place where children are exposed to musical instruments. The introduction may start slowly, with recorder or group string lessons. By middle school or junior high, students may be given the option - or may be required - to play in orchestra or band. The school may supply the instruments, or may recommend that you utilize Alamo Music Center's band and orchestra rental program.

Band and Orchestra Instruments

Sometimes, your child is asked about which instrument they would like to play. This ranges from the string family, including violin, viola, and cello, through the winds and brass, encompassing flutes, clarinets, and trumpets. In others, a teacher assigns them an instrument to play in a wind ensemble, marching band, or chamber orchestra to have an even number of voices.

To be successful in middle or high school band:

  • The student needs an instrument that fits: In many cases, especially for strings, the size may change as the student gets older.
  • Lessons are recommended: In addition to a convenient orchestra and band rental program, Alamo Music Center offers lessons to students wanting to learn or get better at playing their instrument of choice.
  • Practice is a must: From scales and arpeggios to the latest songs for band and orchestra, practice helps reinforce the skills introduced during lessons and in school.

Why Rent Orchestra and Band Instruments

Purchasing an instrument is a significant investment. However, your child could become interested and want to pursue the instrument outside of school, or they may stop band once middle school ends.

Because of these variables, renting makes an affordable starting spot. If lessons and band or orchestra go well, you can upgrade to a used instrument when the time comes. In the meantime, your child has a precisely sized instrument that can be exchanged at a later date, allowing them to work on their technique at home and attend lessons and practices.

Why Rent from Alamo Music Center

Not all instrument rental programs are equal. Alamo Music Center:

  • Offers a straightforward rental program, complete with no credit check and select budget instruments.
  • Maintenance and theft protection coverage ensure you can get your child's band or orchestra instrument serviced.
  • Offers educator-approved brands known for their quality and ease of playability.
  • Provides a discount when you decide to purchase, with 12 months of rental fees applied toward your first owned instrument.


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