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Kawai Instant Rebate Event Extended! Save up to $3000

Kawai Instant Rebate Event Extended! Save up to $3000

Act now, instant rebates have been extedned through April, 30th, 2020. 

Rebate Amount / Qualifying Kawai Models:


GX-7 BLAK Series Grand Pianos


K-500 Uprights, GL-20 Grands

NV-10 Hybrids

GX-6 BLAK Series Grand Pianos


K-300 and K-400 Upright Pianos


GX-2 and GX-3 BLAK Series Grand Pianos


CS11 Hybrid Pianos


GX-1 BLAK Series and GL-50 Grand Pianos


K-200, ST-1 and 607 Upright Pianos

CA79 and CA99 Digital Pianos

K-800 Uprights, GL-30

GL-40 Grand Pianos

KAWAI INSTANT REBATES Factory-To-Dealer Incentive Program: Kawai Instant Rebates Program will run from March 1 to April 30, 2020. The Program offers factory-to-dealer incentives on the purchase of specified Kawai instruments during the program period. It is a “cooperative” promotion that involves participation by both Kawai and Alamo Music Center. All sold pianos must be new (Class B items not eligible). The rebate amount must be deducted from the purchase price and must be shown on the sales invoice at the time of purchase.

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