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New vs Used: Which Piano Is Right for You? 

Buying a piano is a long-term commitment. It takes a substantial investment of both time and money to get the most out of it, so you want to make sure to invest in one that’s easy and enjoyable to play. Let's go over some of the pros and cons of buying a used piano versus a new one.

If you’re just starting to play the piano, it’s tempting to buy a used (or pre-owned) piano until you can properly gauge just how much you will use your instrument. But is buying a pre-owned piano really the best solution?

First, here are the pros of buying a new piano. A manufacturer’s warranty is guaranteed, and shopping will take less research thanks to a brand new instrument with no previous history. The wide variety of styles and types of new pianos - equipped with the latest in technology and portability - are made with more durable materials which lead to low maintenance costs.

The pros of a pre-owned piano? You’ll pay a fraction of what it costs for a new piano, it may cost less in resale depreciation value if you buy the right brand, and can also double as an antique or generational piece in the household. Some pre-owned pianos can also be rebuilt and detailed to closely match a new piano in terms of look and technology, although this can be costly.

Buying a new piano will offer more advantages than pre-owned. The biggest advantage of buying a new piano is having that manufacturer’s warranty, since you can save a lot of money if your piano lasts a while without extra maintenance.

Buying a new piano also offers fewer cons than buying a pre-owned piano. You will pay more up front, sustain the depreciation loss if you resell it within a few years, and may not necessarily get the older, antique style and finish that a vintage pre-owned piano can have. However, buying a used piano means that your instrument will not come with the manufacturer’s warranty, not be as technologically advanced or as portable, may have hidden defects, cost more to maintain, will probably not last as long and will require more time and research to make a good purchase. Even if you find looking into the history of a piano to be exciting, you should understand that your consultation will take longer than buying a new piano.

If you’re still unsure about whether a new or used piano best suits your needs, come visit Alamo Music for a large selection of pianos and professional advice. We will help you make the best investment for your family. And whether you buy pre-owned or new, we will make sure your piano is tuned and delivered with the highest quality of care possible.

Start here to find the right piano!

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