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Buy A New Fender Electric and Get a Free Gift - For a Limited Time!
Buy A New Fender Electric and Get a Free Gift - For a Limited Time!

Our Favorite Guitars From $200 to $1000 | Buyer's Guide

There are many factors that amount to a quality guitar within the price range of $200-$1000; most importantly, reliability and comfortability. Here are a few of our favorite choices in the price range to accompany our latest buyer's guide video.

Fender CC-60S Pack:

At right around $229.99 (currently), the CC-60S pack is a solid top, Grand Concert body style, mahogany acoustic guitar that is accompanied by everything you need to get started-- picks, strings, strap, and gig bag. Fender packs also come with a few months of free Fender Play lessons, so at the lowest price on the list, we think this guitar punches well above its weight in value.

Yamaha FSX800C:

We love Yamaha Guitars, and this solid-top, cutaway and electronics-equipped Grand Concert is a gig ready instrument that is easy to play and perfect for beginners and seasoned players alike-- currently at $359.99. If you want a larger size, check out the FG800; if you want some more bling, check out the FS830 & FG830.

Guild Westerly Collection:

These all solid wood guitars are incredible value, with multiple body shapes and wood pairings to choose from. If you're a fan of the Guild aesthetic, love a nice padded gig bag, and need something a little less expensive to bring to the gig, these are a great option.

Taylor GS Mini, Academy 12, and 114ce:

We talk plenty about Taylor over here at Alamo, and there's good reason. The GS Mini is one of the easiest guitars to play, and many players have added one to the collection-- starting at $499, you can add electronics or different wood options that range all the way up to $1199. The Academy 12 (and accompanying "e" model) is a comfortable way to get started (with the armrest making it easier to play for long periods), and starting at $699 it's perfect for a student. The 114ce is housed in Taylor's most popular body shape, the Grand Auditorium-- with benefits of a dreadnought and concert style body, the entry into that body shape is always popular and at $899, a great way to get into the Taylor line. All Taylors come with great gig bags as well.

Martin Dreadnought Junior and 000-10e:

There aren't a ton of Martin's left under $1000, but our favorite options are those with all solid wood. The Junior series are all solid, and while the Road Series guitars (models with 10, 11, 12, 13 in the names) are not comprehensively all solid, the 000-10e is! With onboard tuner and electronics, this guitar can be ideal for anyone wanting a Martin on a budget for learning, performing, or writing.

For more information or any questions, feel free to submit the form below to get our Guitar Buyer's Guide and talk to the experts at Alamo-- we'd love to help you find your perfect instrument.


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