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Renting vs. Buying Instruments for Young Musicians

Renting vs. Buying Instruments for Young Musicians

As a parent of a young, budding musician, one of the first big decisions you'll face is renting vs buying their first instrument. Both options have pros and cons to consider. Here's a look at some of the key factors that can help guide your choice:

Renting Benefits

  • Lower upfront cost - Rental fees are typically much less per month than purchasing outright, allowing you to make smaller, more affordable payments.
  • Shorter commitment - Most rental contracts are month-to-month or yearly, giving flexibility if interests change.
  • Sizing up made easy - Children can switch to larger instrument sizes as needed by obtaining a different rental.
  • Maintenance included - Many rental companies provide free maintenance and repairs during the rental period.

Buying Benefits

  • Long-term savings - If your child sticks with their instrument for several years, buying becomes more cost-effective than renting long-term.
  • Build equity - An owned instrument holds value as an asset you can later resell.
  • Personalization - Owning allows for customizations and developing a bond with the instrument.
  • Quality options - With a larger upfront budget, you can invest in a higher-caliber student or intermediate instrument.

Renting First 

For young beginners, most music educators recommend starting with an inexpensive rental. This allows students to try out an instrument without a big investment. If your child loses interest in a year, you simply return the rental. If they stick with it, rent for a couple years before considering purchasing.

Purchasing Smart 

If your child shows commitment and advancing skill level, purchasing their own instrument is wise after some rental experience. This allows them to choose an intermediate model they can grow into for years. Buy from a reputable dealer who can help you select an appropriate student-level instrument and warranty coverage.

The rental vs. buy decision comes down to upfront budget, commitment level, and future plans. Renting makes an affordable start, while buying is a long-term investment for the dedicated student musician. By weighing your options, you can make a wise choice to nurture your young musician's blossoming talents.

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