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The Best New Amp of 2023: Bad Cat Jet Black!

The Best New Amp of 2023: Bad Cat Jet Black!

The New Bad Cat Jet Black amplifier is an incredible introduction to the line. This amp takes the winning formula of the Black Cat and kicks it into a higher gear with more power, more drive, and more attitude. Take a listen to this incredible tone and revel in the realization that we're living in one of the best times in history for American-made tube amplifiers; we can safely say this is our favorite new guitar amp of 2023.

The Jet Black packs the power of 4 EL84 tubes, and is fantastic for everything from crystal clean tones to heavy high gain crunch n' slammin' scream.

Bad Cat Amplifiers Jet Black Combo - 38W, 1x12 Tube AmplifierBad Cat Amplifiers Jet Black Head - 38W Guitar Amplifier

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