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What's The Deal With Hybrid Pianos?

Today we are talking about hybrid pianos and uncovering some of the mystery that lies in one of the most confusing terms in the music industry. We see the term "hybrid" a lot lately and in the piano world, and unfortunately, it doesn't mean just one thing. It could be an acoustic piano that is also a digital, or you can have a digital piano that incorporates acoustic elements like real action, wood soundboards, etc. We have come a long way from the original "silent pianos" with rudimentary samples to today's hybrids that can almost be considered super pianos. Join Pat and Ted as they explain the deal with hybrid pianos.

For decades, acoustic and digital pianos were positioned on opposite ends of the keyboard musical instrument spectrum. Acoustic pianos were meant for the “purists” who would only accept a traditional instrument with a non-amplified tone and only organic wooden-key touch. Digital pianos were left for the “progressives” who coveted the many exciting capabilities of the digital realm. Some players found the perfect balance by owning one of each type of these. But, it was only a matter of time before the unique strengths of these opposite directions would unite, allowing players to harness the best attributes of each housed in a single instrument.

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