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Buy A New Fender Electric and Get a Free Gift - For a Limited Time!



The origins of the diatonic accordion, whether German or Austrian, remain a mystery, as does its journey to the Americas and the fascination it holds in Colombia. However, our focus isn't on its history; it's on the incredible musical styles it has inspired. From Tex-Mex to Irish folk, from French musette to Colombian vallenato, the diatonic accordion has been a wellspring of musical creativity. What sets this instrument apart is its impressive tonal range. With a "single-action keyboard," each button produces two tones – one when pushed, and another when pulled. This ingenious design allows for a broad range of notes without sacrificing portability. As a result, it became a beloved folk instrument. But its appeal extends far beyond folk music; it has found its place in pop, rock, and even punk genres.


Chromatic accordions are incredibly versatile – they can be heard in any thing from European folk and German folk to pop and rock, from classical music to heavy metal. They are available with a variety of tonal ranges, bass systems, piano or button keys, and more The best way to find the perfect chromatic accordion is to try them all and let it fInd you.

  • Hohner 1896BX-A Marine Band, Key Of A Major

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    * One of the world's most recognizable harmonicas, known for its full tone and wood comb* Tuned to key of A; also available in other major keys, lo...

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