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    Kawai's legacy is built from its acoustic pianos. Its digital models, introduced over 30 years ago, stand upon and grow from this foundation of sound quality and craftsmanship.

    While digital pianos sometimes have a reputation as a compact, electronic alternative ideal for practicing at home, Kawai crafts its models right alongside its acoustic instruments. The result coordinates the sound quality and construction, and in turn, Kawai digital pianos have earned a number of awards over the years.

    Characteristics of a Kawai Digital Piano

    Kawai strives for authenticity in both sound and action with its digital pianos. As such, a full set of 88 black and white wooden, weighted keys delivers the response players seek with graded hammers and a natural mechanism built for expression, be it capturing dynamics or clear, precise articulations.

    Playing off these aspects, Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology triggers samples to make any Kawai electric piano sound like an acoustic model, and the notes emerge crisply from the Soundboard Speaker System. Meeting the needs of the modern player, USB and Bluetooth® technologies expand each instrument's capabilities.

    Kawai Digital Piano Series

    Kawai divides its digital pianos into the following groups:

    • CA Series: The Concert Artist, or CA, series is Kawai's award-winning line of digital pianos. A true trailblazer, these were the first to feature wooden keys, natural movement, a wooden soundboard, and Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology. The result allows players to discover their full range of expressiveness.
    • CS Series: The Classic Series (CS) takes all of the sound you'll find in the CA series and places it in an elegant exterior meant to make a statement in your living room or concert hall.
    • CN Series: Kawai bridges value and performance, delivering one of the most reliable models for home use, with its CN series. These instruments feel authentic, thanks to Responsive Hammer III keyboard action and impressive Progressive Harmonic Imaging sound technology, and incorporate Bluetooth® MIDI for better connectivity with wireless smart devices.
    • MP Series: Keyboards diverge from digital pianos, and the MP Series has turned Kawai into a true contender in the electric keyboard arena. This series excels in performance, combining Kawai's natural action with a host of sounds and features.
    • ES Series: This series delivers the quality of Kawai's larger instruments into a smaller, more portable package that's ideal for transporting to gigs or dealing with limited practice space at home.
    • KDP Series: This is Kawai's most versatile series of digital pianos, combining natural playability with affordability, a size ideal for practicing, and a quality sound. For years, the Kawai KDP digital pianos have set the standard and paved the way for budding musicians to discover their sound.

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