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    Kawai pianos have gained a reputation for their sound quality and innovations. Today, the Japanese company manufactures grand pianos that grace the stages of concert halls, upright pianos designed to produce a strong tone in practice rooms, and convenient, quality digital and hybrid models.

    About Kawai Pianos

    Spending the early part of his professional career in research and development for a piano manufacturer, Koichi Kawai decided to start his own piano company in 1927. A year later, the Kawai Musical Instrument Research Laboratory, located in Hamamatsu, Japan, introduced its first grand piano. By the 1960s, Kawai started to expand globally and set up locations in the United States, Europe, Canada and Australia.

    Looking to advance the piano's traditional design, Kawai unveiled several new, industry-defining features with its models, including aluminum action rails for a lighter feel, the use of ABS composite materials, and die-cast aluminum action brackets for a greater degree of stability and accuracy. By the 1980s, after spending decades crafting grand, baby grand and upright pianos, Kawai expanded into digital instruments.

    In more recent years, Kawai has received ISO 14001 certification for lessening its environmental impact and has continued to push technological boundaries with its Concert Artist and Concert Performer Ensemble series.

    Types of Kawai Pianos

    Across its series, Kawai pianos are divided into the following types:

    • Grand: Built to resonate in concert halls, Kawai grand pianos measure nine feet in length, while baby grand models are roughly five feet long. Kawai grand pianos include Shigeru Kawai, GL, GX Blak and EX Concert series.
    • Upright: Kawai upright pianos blend a compact shape, convenience and modern technology to improve their touch and feel. Kawai upright pianos include standard studio height and smaller console models, based on space considerations. Explore all options through the K and Continental Upright series.
    • Digital: Kawai has led the way with its digital pianos, attempting to replicate the sound of an acoustic with modern electronics. Today, Kawai digital pianos are known for their quality and character and are crafted in conjunction with the brand's acoustic models for consistency.
    • Hybrid: Are you on the search for the feel of an acoustic piano with digital technologies built in? You don't have to select from one or the other. Kawai has pioneered hybrid technology, resulting in a series of instruments that sound like a concert grand but push beyond an acoustic's capabilities.
    • Player piano features: When you're not practicing or performing, turn your Kawai piano into an entertainment fixture. Delivering a greater degree of versatility is PianoDisc technology, integrated into certain instruments. This type of Kawai player piano helps you learn and listen to music, offering access to a large library and the option of wireless control from your iPad.

    Where to Buy Kawai Pianos for Sale

    Count on the quality of a Kawai piano for your home or music studio. Browse both new and used grand, baby grand, upright, digital and hybrid models online, at our locations in San Antonio, or stop into one of our factory-authorized showrooms:

    Kawai Pianos in Austin, Texas

    Does the tone of a Kawai grand piano captivate you, and as a professional musician or serious student, are you looking to make this sonic upgrade for your home? Or, are you dealing with limited space in your living area or practice room, and realize that a Kawai upright or high-quality digital piano presents the best of both worlds? Explore these and other instruments at our Austin Kawai Piano Showroom. Try out new and used pianos, purchase your model at wholesale, and have it safely and efficiently delivered to your home or school.

    Kawai Pianos in St. Louis, MO

    We understand the importance of a quality instrument. Kawai has been delivering that for decades, staying abreast of the latest technologies for traditional and digital pianos. We’ve been expanding ourselves over the past 90 years, and going beyond Texas, we opened a Kawai showroom in the St. Louis area. Whether for growing as a musician or ensuring students have a quality practice instrument, come by to test new and used Kawai pianos for their playability and sound.

    Whether you opt for a digital or acoustic piano, or purchase online, in Texas or St. Louis, we offer multiple financing and layaway options, including 12- to 48-month, no-interest options at times, plus trial lessons and an extended warranty.