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Alamo Music Center Piano Warranty

New Acoustic Pianos

New Kawai acoustic pianos come with a full 10 year warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty is transferrable, which helps retain the resale value. More details about the specifics of the warranty can be found on Kawai America's website.

Used Acoustic Pianos

Used acoustic pianos are guaranteed by Alamo Music Center to be in playable condition for 90 days after purchase.

New Digital Pianos


Kawai provides a limited five (5) year warranty covering defects in material and workmanship on digital piano models CP AND CS, CA, C.


Yamaha provides a limited five (5) year warranty covering defects in material and workmanship on Clavinova digital pianos.

Details regarding the various manufacturers warrantees can be found at their respective websites.

Non-Warranteed Items

Tuning, Voicing/Hammer Shaping, preferential regulation adjustments and finish issues that are present at point of sale are not covered under the warranty. Alamo Music Center recommends that you tune your piano at least annually (if not more frequently) to keep your instrument performing in ideal condition.

Used player systems are not covered by warranty. Please speak with your salesperson about upgrading to a new system which has warranty coverage.

Damages resulting from misuse or neglect are not covered by any warranty.

Post Delivery - In Home Tuning

After the piano is delivered to the customer's home, a in home tuning will be provided to fine tune the piano and resolve issues that may have arisen with the playability of the piano as a result of transport. These include detached pedal rods, sticking keys and tuning. Once delivered, our service department will contact you to schedule your complimentary in home tuning.

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