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GP Series

Premium Grand Pianos

Experience the elegance and innovation of Roland GP Series Grand Pianos. Combining classic beauty, these pianos offer authentic sound and Bluetooth connectivity. Perfect for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Check out our triple feature review to see the full strengths of the Roland GP Series.

Roland GP Series Overview

Ted is back to give us a quick reintroduction to the Roland GP series. We'll be focusing on the GP3, GP6, and GP9M models, which have generated quite a buzz and piqued the interest of our viewers. Ted will share some insights on these exceptional releases, highlighting the features that make them stand out. So, join us as we take a brief but insightful journey into the world of Roland's GP series.

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LX Series

Premium Upright Pianos

The Roland LX series premium upright pianos are renowned for their exceptional sound quality, innovative features, and elegant design. They feature a responsive hybrid keyboard, Bluetooth connectivity for seamless app integration, and a high-quality speaker system for dynamic sound.

What sets the Roland LX Series apart from the competition?

Roland's LX Series of digital pianos feature a combination of luxurious cabinet design, powerful sound engine and responsive action along with an impressive warranty set them apart from other digital pianos. Patrick and Ted break down the unique features of the series and what each model offers.

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