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San Antonio Music Academy and Alamo Music Center believe that music has the power to transform, enhance, and bring joy to lives around the world through the universal language of music.  Finding the correct instrument at all levels of playing is of the utmost importance, as the proper instrument will lead to a more satisfying experience and make the path to learning and mastering an instrument significantly more enjoyable.  Below you will find a selection of instruments in the following categories: acoustic guitars, electric guitars, acoustic pianos, and digital pianos.  In each category, the instruments are listed progressively from what might be considered a starter instrument, to intermediate, and then finally to a more professional instrument.  Please note that most of the following come in different finishes and colors.  For more assistance, call Alamo Music Center at 844-251-1922 or fill out the form below.


Acoustic Guitars

Every guitarist has a starting point and Yamaha's C40 classical guitar bundle is the perfect springboard! This classical guitar outfit comes with a gig bag and a tuner.

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Ready to move forward? Taylor's Academy A10E offers the Taylor sound, feel and playability in an affordable package!

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When it's time to move up to the big league, Taylor's 214ce offers robust tone, balance, and amazing intonation! Loved by professionals around the world!

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Electric Guitars

New to the electric guitar game?  Fender's Affinity Strat Pack has everything you need to get started on your path to electric excellence!  Includes the legendary HSS Stratocaster, Fender Frontman amplifier, cable, strap and picks.  Start rocking with this all inclusive package today!

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Already rockin' and ready for the next step? Fender's Player series has the feel and sound you're already all too familiar with, but at an incredible price point!

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The America Professional line by Fender hosts some of the most recognizable guitars of all time!  Blues, rock, country, and everything in-between have been played on these iconic instruments.  Loved by many for their tones and flexibility!

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Acoustic Pianos

Yamaha's B1 acoustic upright piano continues the tradition of some of the world's greatest uprights!  Don't let the compact size fool you as its volume and timbre are unmistakably Yamaha.  Perfect for students and smaller rooms.

Yamaha B1 43" Upright Piano-Click For Details


Yamaha's P22 is one of the best selling uprights in the world! Incredibly popular and designed with the student in mind, the P22 is also a favorite amongst professional players and can be found in many homes and rehearsal studios.

Yamaha P22M 45" Upright Piano-Click For Details


Yamaha's U1, designed for the experienced and professional pianist!  Richer and more resonant, the U1 also incorporates features that were originally intended for grand pianos.  Experience the upright that has set the standard for the world of upright pianos!

Yamaha U1 48" Professional Collection Upright Piano-Click For Details


If you're looking for extended projection with more robust low end, Yamaha's U3 is that and more!  Also designed with the professional in mind, the extended height enhances the timbre and projection with an extended sound board.  All of the attributes associated with the sound of a piano are enhanced with this model!

Yamaha U3 52" Professional Collection Upright Piano-Click For Details

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