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    Every piano has a story that's as unique as its sound, involving fine craftsmanship, intricate design and functionality, multiple hardwoods, and, oftentimes, a series of owners. Playing on a pre-owned piano brings out these aspects - not to mention a richer, more developed tone that comes through years of practicing and performance.

    For individuals thinking about lessons for the first time, wanting to upgrade from a digital model, or simply searching for a new instrument, consider purchasing a pre-owned piano from Alamo Music Center.

    Why Buy a Pre-Owned Piano?

    With musical instruments, new isn't always better. Rather, especially with pianos, years of use allow a piano to find its voice and refine its timbre. The sounds coming out aren't its first, and the player doesn't have to figure out what works. Instead, maturity and age help a piano discover its individuality, and you'll hear it right when you place your hands on the keys and use the pedals.

    In general, with sufficient upkeep, maintenance, and tunings, pianos can last decades. The pre-owned model arrives to you with a history that's as complex and multifaceted as its sounds.

    Along with these factors, pre-owned pianos:

    • Are ideal if you're just getting used to the instrument and want an authentic feel, from responsiveness to dynamics, that a digital piano can't fully provide.
    • Help you connect with the instrument from the start - there's no "getting to know each other" period as a seasoned player.
    • Are a step up for beginner to intermediate students wanting to practice regularly on an acoustic piano.

    Types of Pre-Owned Pianos

    Alamo Music Center carries several types of pre-owned pianos:

    • Used pianos: These pianos have been owned by an individual or organization and have recently been resold. Used pianos haven't been refurbished or upgraded and, in turn, may require maintenance.
    • Refurbished pianos: These pre-owned pianos often have new hammers and strings, and parts like the felts and soundboard may be replaced. The exterior may have also been refinished.
    • Remanufactured pianos: Although pre-owned, this piano has been upgraded to like-new condition, in terms of visual design and performance features.
    • Reconditioned or rebuilt pianos: These pianos have had strings and various parts for the sound and functionality replaced.

    Find a Pre-Owned Piano

    If you're searching for a pre-owned piano, take your search to Alamo Music Center. Browse our wide selection of pre-owned grand, baby grand and upright pianos, based on your skill level and space needs, and find both used and refurbished models by top manufacturers like Yamaha, Steinway & Sons, Kawai, Ritmuller, Baldwin and Young Chang. We offer multiple financing and layaway options, including 12- to 48-month, no-interest options at times, plus trial lessons and an extended warranty.