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    You hear about the solo artist doing everything in their bedroom, releasing music through social media, and turning into a Billboard-charting artist. Having talent for singing, producing or playing an instrument is just part of being a musician, however. If you're interested in recording and doing it all yourself, you need to invest in professional audio equipment.

    Studio Setups

    Not everyone interested in recording music needs to search for the right studio and spend money to book a few hours. Instead, with the right know-how, you can do it yourself.

    Or, if you're an independent studio owner, you might find that, within this relationship, pro audio equipment attracts a higher-caliber performer. In all cases, recording begins with a computer, but requires additional gear to create a meaningful product.

    When might you want to invest?

    • If you're creating a bedroom studio or a dedicated home studio for yourself to put together higher-quality demos.
    • If you run or are planning to create an independent or semi-professional studio outside of your house, where you'll be working with and enhancing the sounds of other artists.
    • If you operate or work in a professional studio and need to maintain your audio system to keep pace with, if not surpass, your competitors.
    • If you DJ or play live, and need to take your sound out on the road.

    Where to Begin with Pro Audio Equipment

    Even for audio enthusiasts, it's no easy task to understand what each piece of audio equipment does, why you need it, and the differences between beginner's and professional gear. However, along with software, you'll want to invest in and refine the sound and recording quality with:

    • Microphones: This piece of professional audio equipment transforms your sound immediately when you upgrade. As well, because microphones tend to pick up sounds differently or are ideal for certain instruments, professional studios often have multiple types available.
    • Monitors: Monitors in a recording studio look like a set of speakers. Yet, this piece of pro audio gear works with your microphones. While microphones are essential for picking up the sound, monitors reproduce what you just recorded. Higher-quality monitors let you hear every detail.
    • Professional audio interface: The interface often serves as the connection point or hub within your recording setup. It connects to the computer to deliver the sounds, and sends them to the monitor for playback. However, no single best professional audio interface exists. Instead, it comes down to your individual needs. Bedroom and home studios, for instance, benefit from a multi-functional interface with digital conversion, mic preamps and monitor management features rolled in.

    Build or Upgrade Your Studio with Alamo Music Center

    Whether you're just getting started or you're seeking better pro audio equipment, take your search to Alamo Music Center. In addition to the basics, find mixers, MIDI gear, sequencers, and drum machines for expanding your sound, stage monitors and amplifiers, PA systems, and DJing equipment. We offer multiple financing and layaway options, including 12- to 48-month, no-interest options at times, plus an extended warranty.