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CALL US TOLL FREE 844-251-1922

Martin Titanium Core Acoustic Guitar Strings Nickel Wrap Light Tension

by Martin
Original price $39.99 - Original price $39.99
Original price $39.99
$39.99 - $39.99
Current price $39.99

* Core wire: Round titanium Wrap wire: Nickel Plain strings: Cryogenically treated stainless steel
* Titanium Core acoustic guitar strings deliver the ultimate player's experience with patented technology and a prioprietary winding process only available from Martin
* Experience a new level of comfort and response with industry-leading stability and superior corrosion resistance
* The Process Martin employs a unique and proprietary winding process for their Titanium strings that produces strings like nothing else on the market
* This process allows them to use materials that have never been used before to make guitar strings

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